Braille DotWatch displays in braille. It has tiny pointy bits that go up and down to create the language. It can tell time as well as other messages once you connect it to your phone.

It is the world’s first Braille smartwatch for people who are visually impaired. A startup company called Dot Incorporation , South Korea, came up with the idea. The Dot Watch allows iPhone and Android smartphone users to interact in Braille.

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Using Braille DotWatch

On the watch face there are four groups of little pins (8 each = 24 total) that make up the braille on touch. It also has three buttons on the side like a regular watch with which to use functions. It can be charged via USB. Once it is paired with an app on a smartphone, more functions are available.

Once paired, users can begin receiving notifications from their phone, tell the time and date, and use other features. From the app, individuals can configure the watch’s settings, check the battery status, set an alarm and use the “learn Braille” function, a feature which allows users to send a message to the watch in Braille.

It alerts users when they have received a new notification on their phone, such as a text message. They can then read it on the watch’s Braille display. The watch also alerts individuals when they get a call, and they can check caller information and answer or decline the call. The watch also includes a stopwatch, timer and alarm. Currently, the alarm only consists of vibrations, and could be particularly handy for individuals who are deaf-blind.

Along with the pins for touch, the vibration feature is the key to alert and notify in the DotWatch.

Inside the DotWatch

The first large image shows the insides of the watch which has a circuit board above which are the layer of pins. The pins that give the messages are moved by small actuators similar to shown in the image bottom right.

This new tech was developed into a mini cell by minimizing the cell traditionally used in braille equipment and lowering the price, as low as possible. Called an actuator, this small cell is Dot’s core technology which makes the braille letters by using a magnet.

The image on the top right shows there are two chargeable batteries that proved power.

inside of dotwatch - How does Braille DotWatch work ?

Price and availability of Braille DotWatch

The watch costs about $300 USD and as of now it should be available everywhere according to their website because they also accept paypal.

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Other Details of the watch


Size: 43mm (Watch Face)
Thickness: 12.5mm
Strap Length:

    Small: 21cm,
    Large: 25cm

Color: White Face × Silver Mesh Band × Orange Crown
Materials: Aluminum

Languages Supported:

Chinese (Simplified)
Greek (coming soon.)

Compatible Devices:

Apple iPhone (at least iOS9)
Most Android Devices (at least Android 4.4.4)

Watch this video to see how it works


Dot Watch is the world’s first Braille Smartwatch, which is a wearable device. Use it as a standalone Braille watch or for more functionality, connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The price is a little steep but provides some nifty functionalities for people who cannot see. Even people without the need might rock one because it looks kinda cool and it will teach you braille.

If you want a digital braille watch that silently displays the time, has a timer, and an alarm, and a bit of braille for the road, then this Watch may be worth considering over the Apple Watch. If you want more reliable braille output, to read longer texts, or to learn braille, you will have to invest in a normal braille display.



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